20180202 -DT-21This blog is written by me, Dave Thompson. For twenty years I was a primary school teacher in Belfast, where I was also a subject coordinator, governor, parent and part of senior management. I now work in facilitation, training and development.

So much of what we want from our work life, social life and community around us depends on our values – what we have decided is most important to us. With this in mind, Lorraine (my wife) and I set up Confluence Facilitation, to use creative ways to help people understand each other better and work together more effectively and with less stress. We work with organisations to help them think about how they transmit their aims and ethos; to tell their story.  We also work freelance with other agencies; central to this is helping people establish and develop what they’re most passionate about.

The title ‘Over the wall’ shouldn’t be read as a prison break! Teaching has its stresses and strains, but for the most part, I loved it. We all have our boundaries, the edges of our experience, our circle of friends, what we know of the world. Sometimes you have to stop talking about what might be out there, get a leg up over the wall and go explore…

I’m a friendly, chatty person (most of the time). You can contact me about anything at all at dave@confluencefacilitation.co.uk